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Vania received her B.S. in Neurobiology with a minor in Psychology at the University of California, Irvine. As the president of her pre-dental organization, Delta Delta Sigma, she led the efforts in establishing a free mobile dental clinic. From this health project, she had the opportunity to work with Dr. Allen Huang to create a platform that would expand the professional experiences of pre-dental students through community service. With the mentorship of Dr. Huang, she came to understand the true meaning of passing it forward and has been inspired to do the same for others.

Since college, Vania has also served as Vice President of her pre-dental society, danced on the UCI spirit squad, promoted the importance of oral health through the Smile Kit program, and spearheaded a dental mission trip to the Philippines. Her latest research focuses on early detection of oral cancer using a portable fluorescence smartphone probe in developing countries, which she has presented on at the ASLMS national conference. After learning about the scope of OMFS at the Singapore Allergy and Rhinology Conference during her first year as a dental student, Vania realized her passion for oral surgery. Having been inspired by the mentorship of those before her, she is excited to be a part of Passing the Scalpel and she looks forward to establishing a chapter at UOP while carrying out its mission to inspire the next generation of surgeons.


Katherine is a current third year dental student at the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. She received her BA in Arts and Applied Sciences at the University of the Pacifc Stockton campus after completing the accelerated 2-year undergraduate program. Katherine has always had a passion for school involvement and working with peers for collective enrichment; she was a General Chemistry Workshop Leader at the undergraduate campus and is currently a Student Ambassador as well as an ASDA Pre-Dental Committee Leader. She is looking forward to continuing her community involvement by teaching others the importance of oral health through the upcoming dental mission trip to the Philippines. Katherine has previously done research comparing the interactions of T. vaginalis RAD51 with those of human RAD51. Currently she is doing research using Geometric Morphometrics to track commonalities in skull development. 


Katherine has had an interest in oral and maxillofacial surgery since high school, but found her passion for it after she was able to observe the full scope of the specialty during college. She hopes to expand the exposure to OMFS with the introduction of Passing the Scalpel at UOP and to help empower her fellow doctors to achieve more. 


Bruce S. Youm (DDS '22, MPH '17) graduated from UC Berkeley with high honors earning dual bachelor's degrees in human biology and business administration. Although he was intended for Yale University for graduate school, he received a scholarship to attend Columbia University for a master's degree in health care policy and management. He is the founder of the nonprofit Health Guardians of America where he designed, piloted, and scaled a national public health project with the mission of promoting health equity. Prior to attending dental school, he co-founded a digital health startup with a subscription-based, web-based application platform to promote health equity through a rewards program with fundraising. During his time at Passing the Scalpel, he hopes to learn more about OMFS, make a meaningful contribution as a member of Pacific Dugoni and support the mission of the founders in broadening the exposure of OMFS for other dental students. 



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